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Sticker Shock over Real Estate Valuation? What You Need To Know About Protesting.


Many of our clients have reported major increases in Douglas County’s preliminary 2017 property valuations. Diane Battiato, who heads the Douglas County Assessor/Register of Deeds office, is reported to have said in response to recent taxpayer concern, “I’m sure there is some sticker shock.”

Battiato reportedly indicated that the increases are countywide and due to two primary factors – a “hot” real estate market, and property parcels that that had not been reassessed for several years. Several would disagree. Memories are fresh of new assessments last year due to the 7% state-imposed increase for many western Douglas County property owners. And in 2015, nine out of ten Douglas County parcels that saw a preliminary valuation change saw an increase in valuation as opposed to a decrease. That, when combined with some taxpayers this year seeing land values that have tripled, while others have seen decreases, leaves many to wonder what they can do to avoid paying more than their fair share of tax.

The answer? Protest the valuation. This article walks you through the process.


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