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Back in 1986


The Simply Tax Podcast turns back the clock 31 years in a special bonus episode that looks at the last time tax reform revamped the Internal Revenue Code. Tune in as Bryan Slone—a tax attorney with Omaha-based firm Koley Jessen—shares valuable insight based on his time as Tax Counsel to a member of the U.S. House Ways and Means Committee in 1986.

Here’s a look at what’s inside this episode:

  • There are winners and losers in tax reform, and it’s really hard politically @ 3:34
  • Last time, it was bipartisan and took two years @ 6:03
  • It was a different time in 1986 @ 11:20
  • Last time was about a 28 percent individual rate; this time around, it’s a 20 percent corporate rate @ 16:11
  • The economic impact of tax reform @20:56

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