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KJ University Webinar Series

9:00 AM - 11:00 AM CST

Koley Jessen formally invites you to attend KJ University. If you are interested in a variety of legal topics and are in need of CLE credit, we hope you will join us for our three-part webinar series!


Session 1 | Friday, September 25 | Register here

Session 2 | Friday, October 2 | Register here

Session 3 | Friday, October 9 | Register here



9:00-10:00 AM     
The Impact of Chapter 11 Bankruptcy on Executory Contracts & Getting Paid | 60 minutes
Kristin Krueger
COVID-19 has brought with it a significant increase in Chapter 11 bankruptcy filings. This presentation will examine what happens when a party that owes your organization money or other obligations files Chapter 11, including the effect of Chapter 11 on executory contracts and what rights and remedies your organization may have as a creditor seeking payment. The presentation will also discuss 90-day preference payment liability, including common defenses to preference claims.

10:00-11:00 AM     
Why Corporate Governance is More Important Than Ever | 60 minutes
M. Shaun McGaughey and Tyler R. Keyser
Whether you look at ongoing developments of Social Responsibility and ESG initiatives, the sudden change in business impacts caused by COVID-19, or other developments in these extraordinary times, it is clear that focus on corporate governance is more important than ever. This presentation will outline the time-tested fundamentals of good corporate governance, current trends and  the need to stay one step ahead in making sure your governance is built for evolving times.


9:00-9:45 AM     
M&A Math w/ COVID-19 Era M&A Updates | 45 minutes
Michael M. Hupp and Joshua K. Norton
It is important to understand M&A math in connection with making a deal. One needs to understand concepts such as Adjusted EBITDA, market multiples, and discounted cash flow as applied in arriving at the “Enterprise Value” of an entity. To make the best deal, you also need to take in to account tax structuring, contingent consideration/earnout, and working capital adjustments. In addition to these important considerations, this presentation will provide a brief update about how legal terms in M&A deals have be impacted by COVID-19, and PPP loans.  

9:45-10:15 AM     
409A Considerations Over the Span of An Executive’s Employment | 30 minutes
Heather C. Panick
There are common 409A pitfalls and considerations that a company needs to be aware of through the various stages of an executive’s employment. From the offer letter and employment agreement to incentives and separation, it is important to understand Section 409A rules to avoid unintended tax consequences and maintain compliance.

10:15-11:00 AM     
Tax Changes in 2020 | 45 minutes
Nicholas E. Bjornson
Proper tax planning requires an awareness of what's new and changed from last year—and there are plenty of tax law changes and updates taking effect in 2020. From the CARES Act to state and local responses to the pandemic, 2020 has altered the tax landscape.


9:00-10:00 AM     
Intellectual Property Reigns Supreme: The U.S. Supreme Court’s Busy IP Docket and What It Means to Your Company | 60 minutes
Roberta L. Christensen and Michelle L. Lewis
The United States Supreme Court has issued a number of opinions in the last few years on intellectual property matters.  More are pending.  Join us for a practical summary of these cases and the potential implications for your business.

10:00-11:00 AM     
Ethical Obligations for General Counsel Regarding Client Data Privacy and Security | 60 minutes
Maureen E. Fulton
This presentation is designed to help general counsel ethically navigate the complex field of data privacy and security law. Attendees can expect a refresher on the Nebraska Professional Rules as they relate to client confidentiality and cybersecurity.  This presentation will also provide guidance on how to adopt reasonable policies and procedures that will ensure ethical obligations are met while protecting the personal information of customers and employees. Lastly, there will be a discussion on data privacy and ethical obligations in light of COVID-19 and any additional steps that general counsel should take to provide the competency and confidentiality required in these unique circumstances.

CLE Information

  • CLE approved for 6 hours including 1 professional responsibility hour in the State of Nebraska.
  • CLE approved for 6 hours including 1 legal ethics hour in the State of Iowa.

*Please note that sessions must be watched in live time in order to obtain credit. Additionally, all individuals seeking to obtain credit must be registered with their own email, as group viewing will not qualify for credit during these webcasts. 

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