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Koley Jessen Achieves Second Mansfield Midsize Certification for DEI Initiatives


Koley Jessen is pleased to announce our second successful completion of the industry-leading Mansfield Rule for midsize law firms for the 2022-2023 period, resulting in our attainment of the Mansfield Midsize Certification.

Awarded to firms with 25 to 150 lawyers, this recognition reflects the culmination of an intensive certification process in collaboration with Diversity Lab. The Mansfield Midsize Certification is meticulously designed to ensure equal opportunities for all talent within participating law firms to advance into leadership roles. It broadens the pool of candidates considered for firm-wide opportunities while serving as a comprehensive assessment of an organization’s commitment to promoting diversity. It guarantees that at least 30% of women lawyers, underrepresented racial and ethnic lawyers, LGBTQ+ lawyers, and lawyers with disabilities are thoughtfully considered for leadership and governance roles, equity partner promotions, formal client pitches, lateral lawyer hiring, and more.

"Since the inception of the Mansfield Midsize Certification initiative for midsize firms in 2020, our firm has embraced this journey of continuous improvement,” remarked Chastin Bailey, Director of Talent and Culture at Koley Jessen. “We recognize the vital importance of inclusive decision-making and the imperative to build a legal team that authentically mirrors the diversity of our clients and communities. This approach is essential not only to address our clients' most pressing legal challenges but also to deliver exceptional, over-the-top service.”

Our active participation in the Mansfield Rule program is integral to our ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion. The program leverages a behavioral science approach and incorporates principles of accountability, transparency, and knowledge sharing into our talent practices, which empowers our team to adopt an inclusive, structured, and data-driven approach to leadership advancement, ensuring that this approach is consistently applied across our firm and practice groups.

We take great pride in being part of the select group of 70+ midsized firms that have earned this prestigious certification. We look forward to the opportunity to continue our collaboration with Diversity Lab, further enhancing the inclusivity of our workplace and driving positive change within the legal industry.

For more details on Koley Jessen's diversity initiatives, please visit our Roadmap to a More Diverse and Inclusive Workplace.

About Diversity Lab

Diversity Lab envisions a world where leaders are as diverse as the workforces and communities they represent. We design, test, and measure the outcomes of science-based and data-driven talent practices that allow for fair and equal access to advancement opportunities. Our primary focus is on leaders in law, as they often rise to positions of influence in government, boardrooms, courtrooms, and beyond. The more diverse our leadership, the more inclusive and equitable the decisions for the benefit of the entire workforce and society. Inclusion is the goal, and greater diversity – in leadership and beyond – is the outcome. For more details, visit

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