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Filing Deadline for Nebraska Real Estate Tax Protests


By June 1, 2016, Nebraska’s county assessors will mail notices of changes (if any) in property valuation to all Nebraska real estate owners. If you disagree with the assessed value of your real estate (whether or not you receive notification of a change in value), you may protest the assessed value by filing the appropriate protest documents with the county assessor’s office on or before June 30, 2016. Your protest may be filed in person or by mail and should include documentation or evidence supporting your requested reduction, such as a recent appraisal or photograph showing the condition of the property, and information on assessed values of comparable properties. Income and expense statements should be provided for any income-producing property. The supporting evidence you provide is critical to meeting your burden of proving that the valuation is erroneous. In some counties, you may be able to meet personally with the assessor’s office or a referee appointed to meet with protesting taxpayers. The referee’s recommendation of whether and how to adjust the assessed value will be mailed in early July to each protester. Because each county may prescribe different procedures for filing a protest, you should check the most recent rules for the county in which your real estate is located to determine the filing procedures and deadlines. If you have questions or would like assistance with evaluating whether to file a protest or with filing a protest, please contact a member of our Real Estate, Environmental, and Natural Resources Law Practice Group.

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