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Tips for Effectively Picking and Persuading a Jury

The Nebraska Lawyer
January/February 2024

A jury trial is the culmination of months, if not years, of hard work and advocacy. In preparing for and conducting a jury trial, attorneys often become so focused on proving all the elements of their claims or affirmative defenses, getting exhibits received into evidence, and preserving the record for appeal, that they may forget or downplay the importance of a bigger-picture consideration of effective trial advocacy—persuasive, strategic, and credible advocates are more likely to secure a favorable verdict than unorganized, dull, or disinterested ones.

This article, authored by Litigation attorneys John Matson and Trevor Lee, featured in The Nebraska Lawyer, highlights several methods that attorneys may employ before, during, and after trial to enhance their persuasiveness with Nebraska juries. Discover their insightful tips in the full article linked below.

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