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Your intellectual property is one of your most valuable assets. Protecting it is important, and at times, critical. Koley Jessen’s intellectual property litigators capitalize on our firm’s extensive experience in intellectual property transactions and our depth in complex commercial litigation and pair those with our many years of experience in intellectual property-specific disputes to provide you with the advice and courtroom advocacy you need.

Our litigators have experience in handling every type of intellectual property dispute. These include trademarks, trade secrets, trade dress, patents, copyrights, and various types of software disputes. We advise clients how to prosecute these actions to protect their interests as well as defend against claims of infringement. Clients have also used us to advise them before matters go to court, working to obtain informal resolutions, and to best prepare for anticipated litigation.

Trademark issues are probably the most common type of dispute. From the look of the packaging to the design of the product, the name and/or logo you use to represent your business, and the quality of your product or your service, we help clients like you navigate the complicated and sometimes seemingly conflicting case law in this area. We apply the same dedication and experience to trade secret, patent, and copyright cases. Often, these types of disputes are in federal court and our IP litigators have successfully handled cases all over the United States. We have built relationships with lawyers and firms all over the country to assist us in knowing the local dynamics of a particular court, which in turn allows us to offer our experience and our rates to your intellectual property dispute anywhere. 

We will work closely with you to identify the nature of the claim, map out a strategy to succeed on your objectives, and provide a clear budget of anticipated expenses. Our goal is your success and the protection of your ideas, in whatever form or forms of intellectual property they exist.

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