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In an increasingly digital world, Artificial Intelligence (AI), including its machine learning and deep learning subfields, have become a cornerstone of innovation and operational efficiency. Our Artificial Intelligence and Technology Law Team guides businesses, ranging from startups to multinational corporations, through the legal complexities associated with AI technology. With team members from across practice areas of the firm, we provide multi-discipline legal counsel to help our clients navigate AI's unique challenges and opportunities.

Regulatory Compliance

Navigating a developing regulatory landscape can be complex and time-consuming. Our attorneys are skilled in interpreting and applying federal, state, and international laws and standards that apply to AI technologies and their applications. Whether you are dealing with AI in financial services, machine learning algorithms in healthcare, or models trained with personal information, we ensure your operations are compliant and mitigate any legal risks.

Intellectual Property

In the fast-paced world of Artificial Intelligence, safeguarding your brand and proprietary assets is essential. Generative AI and large language models have added another layer of complexity to identifying and protecting intellectual property. Our team specializes in copyright, trademark, trade secret, and licensing law, providing comprehensive strategies to protect your assets. From registering trademarks and copyrights to negotiating licensing agreements that allow you to capitalize on your innovations, we ensure that your intellectual property is not only secure but also working for you as a business asset.

Contract Negotiation

Contracts are at the heart of any AI venture, from standard terms and conditions from large providers of foundational models to negotiated agreements addressing AI incorporated into a company’s software or SaaS offerings. Our attorneys are experienced in drafting and negotiating comprehensive contracts that protect our clients’ interests. We focus on safeguarding your interests while paving the way for fruitful business relationships.

Data Privacy and Security

The use of AI often involves the collection and analysis of vast amounts of data. Our team can advise you on compliance with data privacy laws such as GDPR in Europe or CCPA in California. We can help you implement best practices for data storage, processing, and sharing, ensuring your company is compliant and can also build trust with your customers and partners.

Dispute Resolution

The innovative nature of AI technology will sometimes lead to legal disputes, including issues related to IP infringement, data ownership, and trade secret misappropriation. Our litigators are experienced in resolving such disputes through negotiation, arbitration, or court proceedings, always aiming for an outcome that serves your best interests.

Employment Law

As AI technologies increasingly integrate into workplaces, new employment law challenges arise. Whether you are implementing automated systems or AI-driven analytics tools, our attorneys can guide you through the legal implications. This includes advice on employee training, job displacement strategies, and the ethical considerations of AI in HR decision-making. We can also assist clients in developing employee policies on AI use in the workplace.

Ethical Considerations

The ethical deployment of AI is not just a societal concern but a legal one as well. We offer counsel on responsible AI usage, ensuring your technologies are designed and deployed in a manner that respects fairness, transparency, and accountability. Our guidance can help you build an ethical AI strategy that is aligned with legal standards and public expectations.

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