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As a firm, we are known for our unique brand of responsiveness. We take the time up front to make sure we understand your unique needs, the competitive dynamics of your industry, and your corporate objectives and strategies with respect to any matter. As active partners, we help clients make smart decisions in all business-related matters to perpetuate personal and business success.

  • OrthoNebraska

    "I appreciate the Koley Jessen approach. They’re on our side of the table, but it goes deeper than that. They do their homework on our industry challenges, understand our strategic opportunities and turn around advice that is tailored to us. They say, 'Based on your objectives and goals, here’s what I would do.' Their unique counsel helps us along our organization’s journey." – Levi Scheppers, CEO, OrthoNebraska

  • Client Resources, Inc.

    “I value the depth of the relationships I have with my attorneys at Koley Jessen. They’ve been the right partners with the right experience to help us remove barriers quickly and grow our business over time. I trust that they understand what we’re trying to do because they’ve always made the effort to learn about our business.” – Sue Thaden, President/CEO, Client Resources, Inc.

  • Truck Center Companies

    "I have an enormous amount of confidence in everyone at Koley Jessen, and I value the expertise they bring to the table.  If there’s ever an issue, they are quick to react and fix the problem. I feel good knowing they are a full-service firm, and I always trust they’ll do the right thing for me." — Trey Mytty, President/CEO, Truck Center Companies

  • “Koley Jessen is made up of people who share our same values. Over the years, they have listened and proposed creative ways to advance every relationship and opportunity that arises, while navigating complicated legal rules and regulations. We have built a very strong trust in their team.” – Mary Hawkins, President, Bellevue University

  • McCarthy Capital

    “The people of Koley Jessen are professionals with inflexible integrity who always have the best interests of their clients in mind. They get involved in helping our business. In my experience, this is an extraordinary relationship between a business and its counsel.” – Michael R. McCarthy, Founder, McCarthy Capital

“ Our focus is always on the client. It’s not about individual lawyers in the firm, but about who’s the best person to take care of the needs of the clients and whatever collaborative or team efforts it takes to do that.”   

Paul Jessen (January 2008)
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